Our Unique Plans

We make it easy to join with SBS by providing you with a choice of “Four Unique Plans.  The road begins with your decision to take greater control of your practice and serve your clients the way you know best.

Once you’ve decided to step into the next phase of your career, we’ll assist you in choosing the plan that is right for you.  While securities payout options vary depending on the plan selected, all plans come with our absolute commitment to insuring your success.  Each plan includes:


1. Our full transition services program.

2. Payroll and accounting options **.

3. Immediate, turnkey access to one of the top Life Insurance Platforms in the Industry with; 

  •    Top Life Agent Pay-Outs.*
  •    Full Market Access.
  •    Case Design.
  •    Complete Underwriting Services.
  •    In the Field Marketing & Sales Support.

4. Full access to our Independent RIA platform.

5. The complete support of our staff to assist you with all your business needs. 


*Highest Agent Level Commission Contracts available from the Life Companies on our platform, with no volume requirements.

**Payroll & Accounting systems provided through an arrangement with an unaffiliated CPA firm.


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